The next generation of deep & dark web threat intelligence feeds

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Detection of leaked credentials
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Collection from dark web sources
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Collection from instant messaging apps
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Faster Extraction

Supercharge your TIP, SIEM, SOAR or VM systems

Level-up your threat hunting for malicious IOCs in corporate networks

Level-up your threat
hunting for malicious IOCs
in corporate networks

Better understand
malware TTPs and trends

Gain visibility in
to organizational and
industry threats

Maximize TIP, SIEM and
SOAR effectiveness

Darkfeed integrates with your TIP, SIEM, SOAR or vulnerability management solutions and supplies you with malicious indicators of compromise - including domains, URLs, hashes, and IP addresses.

Unmatched collection

Light years ahead of the threat curve

Darkfeed is powered by Sixgill’s proprietary AI algorithms, unmatched automation and contextual analysis. It delivers unparalleled collection in terms of depth and breadth.


Threat intelligence that gets the big picture

Sixgill uses NLP and machine learning to tag posts based on their contents. The Darkfeed focuses on malware-tagged posts, ensuring that malicious indicators are published, while false positives are minimized.

The technology behind Darkfeed

Sixgill is a fully automated cyber threat intelligence solution suite that helps organizations protect their critical assets, reduce fraud and data breaches, protect their brand and ultimately minimize attack surface. The platform empowers security teams with contextual and actionable insights as well as the ability to conduct real-time investigations.

Rich data feeds such as Darkfeed™ harness Sixgill’s unmatched intelligence collection capabilities and delivers real-time intel into organizations’ existing security systems to help proactively block threats. Current customers include global 2000 enterprises, financial services, MSSPs, government and law enforcement entities.